New 2D and 3D Work for the "Life After Life" series. > 3D Print in Plastic. "Fire Dragon"

The scanned 3D files are printed in a plastic particulate. Parts of the scanned areas were very thin and had to be "thickened" in the a particular scanning software program. Since the press bed was only 12" x 12", the sculpture had to be printed in separate parts, to be adhered together later. There are some 3D printers that print in large format, such as for auto parts.The other material options for printing in 3D include metals ,woods and plastics. This piece was scanned at Art Casting of Illinois in Oregon IL. by Harry Spell and printed at Eiger Lab in Rockford IL. by Mike Cobert.

fantasy, animal imagery, surealism, symbolism,organic, detritus,found objects,painting,mixed media, sculpture
3D printed parts of "Fire Dragon"
3D Printed Plastic, hand painted with acrylic, glass beads and rose thorns added.
29" x 12" x 6"