The image shown here: “Consuming Deciduous Dragon” Casting date: 2012. Sculpture Completed in 2013.
Media: Bronze Lost Wax/Plant Detritus Casting and Mixed Media: Bronze, 2 Part Bronze Epoxy Putty, Acrylic Taxidermy Eyes, Acrylic Gloss Medium, 2 Part Epoxy Glue, Wax Metallic Finishes, Oil Paint, Cold Wax Medium, Fine Detail “Liquin” Drying Medium, Glitter, Dried Insect. Sealed with “Krylon” Crystal Clear Glossy Acrylic Coating 1303A and “Krylon” UV-Resistant Clear Matte Acrylic Coating.
Approx. Size not including stand: 10” L x 6.25” W x 5.5” H

Currently other bronzes like this one and paintings are for sale at Viridian Artists,INC. NYC,NY. "Deciduous Dragons" recent work by Kathleen King show was from 5/22 to 6/16 2018. phone: (212) 414-4040 gallery hours 12 noon to 6pm. Tuesday thru Saturday

"Consuming Deciduous Dragon" sculpture, bronze casting,fantasy animal theme, lost wax castings, mixed media sculpture

This bronze shown is currently at August House Studio: 2113 West Roscoe Chicago, IL.60618 Telephone: 1 (773) 384-7333 email: website:

Fantastic and exotic representational subjects sourced from objects found in nature such as dried plant detritus, (leaves, pods, twigs, etc…) are ruminated over, then transformed into bronzes and paintings in this most recent solo exhibit of Kat’s work.

King states: “Elevating the humblest of discarded botanical fragments to iconic status for the viewer’s contemplation is an ongoing concept in my drawings, paintings and sculptures. I reconfigure the botanical/detritus fragments into small 3D models. Contemplating these models, I transform them into metaphorical subjects in the final art works.”