New 2D and 3D Work for the "Life After Life" series. > 3D detritus Dragon Models

A Fancy Little Dragon dressed in a Feather Boa and a Gold Chain examines Itself in a Mirror.

Media: Plant Detritus and Mixed Media:Dried Plant Detritus, Acrylic Paint and Mediums, Bird Feathers, 14K Gold Chain, Silk Handkerchief, Wall Paper, Glass Mirror Squares, Glass Beads, Plastic Petals, PVA, 2 Part Epoxy Coating, Velcro Pads and Glue, under glass with in a Black Wooden Doll Case. This piece is currently at Miller-King Studio.

Approx. Size of dragon only: 12” H x 5.25” W x 4” D

Size of Doll Case: 15”H x 7”W x 4.25” D

fantasy, animal imagery, surealism, symbolism,organic, detritus,found objects,painting,mixed media, sculpture
"Little Bat Dragon's Foibles", 2/3rds view
Plant Detritus and Mixed Media.
including doll case: 15" H x 7" W x 4.25" D