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“Flaming Deciduous Dragon” Casting date: 2012. Completed in 2013.
Media: Bronze Lost Wax/Plant Detritus Casting and Mixed Media: Bronze, 2 Part Bronze Epoxy Putty, Acrylic Taxidermy Eyes, Acrylic Gloss Medium, 2 Part Epoxy Glue, Wax Metallic Finishes, Oil Paint, Cold Wax Medium, Fine Detail “Liquin”. Drying Medium. Sealed with “Krylon” Crystal Clear Glossy Acrylic Coating 1303A and “Krylon” UV-Resistant Clear Matte Acrylic Coating.
Piece shown with black wooden oval stand,front view.
Approx. Size not including stand: 10.5” L x 7” W x 5.25” H
This piece is currently for sale and at Viridian Artists,INC. NYC,NY. www.viridianartists.com

"Flaming Deciduous Dragon" sculpture, bronze casting,fantasy animal theme, lost wax castings, mixed media sculpture
"Flaming Deciduous Dragon" with stand,front view.
Bronze and Mixed Media.
10.5" x 7" x 5.25"