New 2D and 3D Work for the "Life After Life" series. > 3D Print in Plastic. "Fire Dragon"

Fore shortened view of "Fire Dragon", this is a free standing piece that can also be hung on a wall. There will other versions of this print done with other wing, body or head element replacements to form a kind of variable edition of 3D printed dragons. I am hoping to do many of these creatures in different sizes, found and printed materials and shapes in the future. The "Fire Dragon" piece was sold by Viridian Artists, INC. in NYC. Go to www. or for more info re; "Fire Dragon".

fantasy, animal imagery, surealism, symbolism,organic, detritus,found objects,painting,mixed media, sculpture
Fore shortened view of "Fire Dragon"
3D Printed Plastic, hand painted with acrylic, glass beads and rose thorns added.
29" x 12" x 6"