Portfolio > Current Work "DIVAS" 2009-10 and "ILLUMATOONS 2007.

This collage-assemblage is a special piece done for the "Art from Detritus" exhibition held in 2010 at Viridian Artists,INC. The art work is currently at Viridian Artists,INC. and is for sale. Retail price: just $600.00 for this framed piece.
Contact : viridianartistsinc@gmail.com for further information.

Media: found dried plant fragments, acrylic paint chips, brass button, plastic beads,wall paper sample, metal fragments. These elements were combined with acrylic paint and mediums, color pencils and markers.

Go to: www.ncognita.com for information about past "Detritus" shows.

botanical, ornamental, abstraction
"Diva for St.George"
Mixed Media Assemblage in a Wooden Shadow Box under Glass.
17" X 12" X 3"